EITC makes work pay better

History has shown us that the EITC is the best way to fight financial stress. It’s one of the few programs that actually puts money back in the pockets of working people. Qualifying recipients can use this money as they see fit; whether to pay monthly rent, make a car payment, visit a doctor, or buy their children desperately needed new shoes.

The EITC is about creating a future where everyone who works can afford their basic needs and live with full financial security and human dignity.

More than a third of California’s children benefit from the EITC1

The federal EITC puts $7.3 billion into local economies in California2

In 2018 we helped 1.4 million low-income Californians receive nearly $400 million

The EITC helps address the wage gap for women and people of color3

Policy that makes work pay better.

The EITC works by making work pay better.  Research shows that children whose families earn the EITC perform better in school, have better health, and earn more as adults.  The EITC encourages work, reduces reliance on welfare and boosts the Social Security retirement savings for those who need it most.

In the first three years of California’s EITC, over $4 billion in state and federal tax credits have been put back in the pockets of the lowest income Californians. But we knew California could do more to help working families. In response to our calls, texts, and emails, the legislature raised the income eligibility threshold and expanded eligibility to include workers age 18-24 and over age 65, meaning more working families now qualify for the EITC. The California EITC now also includes self-reported freelance income – work like housekeeping, landscaping, or driving for a ride-sharing company. This work, done disproportionately by women and people of color, is now honored by the California EITC.

Join the movement for financial security for ALL.

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