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Kara Eastman

Kara Eastman

Born and raised in the Midwest to a single mother, Kara previously served as the CEO to the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, on the Metropolitan Community Board of Governors, and as a Board Member of the National Lead and Environmental Hazards Association. Kara brings an honest and refreshing perspective to Nebraska politics. This is a “Red to Blue” seat.

Holly Mitchell

Holly Mitchell

Los Angeles County is home to over 10 million people, the largest county in the nation. Holly Mitchell has dedicated her career to addressing the issues that impact county residents and Californians across the state. As a State Senator and Chair of the Budget Committee, her expertise in creating policy solutions and guiding the budget for the fifth largest economy in the world, has meant progressive reforms and funding to meet the real needs of local communities.  Holly is called the “Conscience of the Legislature” we must elect her to LA Board of Supervisors area 2.

Christy Smith

Christy Smith

Christy Smith has dedicated much of her life to improving schools, classrooms, and opportunities for students here. She started her career at the U.S. Department of Education, working to root out waste so more funding would get where it was needed in the classrooms. Then, while her two daughters were in public school here, Christy saw that our public schools didn’t have access to the technology kids need to learn to succeed in today’s economy. So, she founded the Valencia Valley Technological Education Foundation that worked to connect schools to the internet and put computers in classrooms, to give students access to experts and learning resources all over the world.  This is a top target for “Red to Blue”.

Jamaal Bowman

Jamaal Bowman

Jamaal is a middle school principal and has been a teacher and public school advocate for twenty years. He has seen firsthand how low-income families are being locked out of opportunity by a system that’s rigged for the wealthy and privileged few.

Jamaal was born and raised in New York City and spent his early years in public housing and later in rent-controlled apartments. He didn’t have much growing up but his mother provided him all that he needed: love, a stable family, and a sense of community.  Working Hero was integral to his come from behind victory in the primary.  We look forward to his election in November!

Katie Porter

Katie Porter

Katie Porter is serving her first term in Congress, representing California’s 45th Congressional District. Once a UC Irvine law professor and nationally-renowned consumer advocate who held Wall Street banks accountable for ripping off California consumers and homeowners during the financial crisis. Katie refuses to take a dime from Corporate PACs or lobbyists, and in Congress has been standing up to powerful special interests and leaders of both parties – starting with Donald Trump – to do what’s right for Orange County families.

We must re-elect Katie Porter to Congress!!


J.D. Scholten

Born in Ames and raised in Sioux City, J.D. Scholten is a 5th generation Iowan. J.D. served as the 2018 Democratic nominee against Rep. Steve King in Iowa’s 4th District, earning nationwide attention for his people-powered grassroots campaign that fell just 3 points short in a district that Donald Trump won by 27 points in 2016. He played baseball at Morningside College and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After college, he pursued a professional baseball career and pitched in 7 different countries. He is a powerful voice for rural, working, and underserved communities in Iowa.  This is a “Red to Blue” seat!


Proposition 15

Prop 15 was put on the ballot by a record-breaking 1.7 million people who believe that wealthy corporations need to pay their fair share.

If you believe that we need to close corporate tax loopholes to invest billions every year in schools, community colleges and local services, then you believe in Prop 15.

Prop 15 will battle against wealthy corporations, special interests and some of Trump’s biggest donors. Working Hero stands with teachers, nurses and essential workers to say, “Yes on 15!”.


Proposition 16

This November, Californians will have a chance to fight gender discrimination and systemic racism at the ballot box. Proposition 16 will restore critical equal opportunity policies in state hiring, contracting, and education.

We know that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed — regardless of their gender, what they look like, or where they were born. So when we see women getting paid 80 cents on the dollar, and women of color making even less, we know it’s time for a change.

Join the movement for financial security for ALL.

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