Fighting for America’s Working Heroes

It’s about time that working people had a lobbyist, someone working for them, and THAT’S what Working Hero PAC is all about.

In 2018, Working Hero endorsed 17 progressive candidates committed to making work pay better and supporting policies that help Americans afford life’s basic needs – and we didn’t just provide financial support.

From Iowa to New Hampshire, from California to Missouri, from Ohio to Nebraska to Arkansas, Working Hero traveled the country giving ground support and mobilizing supporters on social media, while elevating the issue of poverty in the election.

We are mobilizing support around candidates and incumbents who support a broad agenda to end poverty, ideally including – but not limited to – these issues:

1) Making Work Pay Better

  • Massive Expansion of the EITC
  • $15 federal minimum wage
  • Full ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to finally fight the gender wage gap
  • Equalizing the tax rates on wealth income (capital gains and dividends) and earned income (from wages) so wealth is no longer taxed at a lower rate than work

2) To Ensure Basic Needs are more affordable

Medicare For All

3) To Ensure the Same Rules for All

  • Reinstating Glass-Steagall to prevent a repeat of the Great Financial Crisis
  • Effective anti-trust enforcement that considers all of the negative effects of monopolies on wages, choice and democratic institutions
  • Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
  • Buffett Rule implementation
  • CEO Tax loophole

Our vision is that every working American should live with full financial security and be able to afford their basic needs. We can create this future if we choose the right policies. It’s up to us to push our leaders toward those policies and hold them accountable. So, join our movement today as a founding member and let’s get to work!

About Joe Sanberg

Joe Sanberg is a progressive business leader and anti-poverty advocate.
As a steward of the movement to pass the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families in California, Joe founded CalEITC4Me, one of the state’s largest anti-poverty programs, which has put more than $10 billion back in the pockets of working families. He successfully led the charge to expand eligibility for the program to low-wage, undocumented workers, who had previously been excluded from the tax credit. Then-California Gov. Jerry Brown’s top adviser Nancy McFadden called Joe the “spark” behind the state’s efforts to execute the new program.
He was raised by his mom in Southern California.

Financial Security for ALL.

“3 of 4 Californians couldn’t weather a $700 surprise expense.  You’re a broken wrist away from a financial crisis.  Let’s create a California where everyone who works lives with the security that they can afford their basic needs and aren’t one expense away from crisis.”

Joe Sanberg

Join the movement for financial security for ALL.

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